In a crowded field of six good candidates, we finished in a strong second place. I congratulate Chris Taylor on her win, and I wish her well in her service in the Assembly.

There are - amazingly - hundreds of you to thank. I can't possibly express how grateful I am for all of the doors you knocked on, money you helped raise, endorsements you helped me earn, strategy you helped develop and implement, and voters you helped me reach. 

For you, I have just one more request: don’t say to me or to each other, “I’m sorry.” I am so proud of the campaign we ran together.  We have absolutely nothing to be sorry about, and I would not change one thing about this campaign. No "I'm sorry”s, no regrets. This was a positive, energetic, fun, issue-based campaign that brought people together and raised issues that needed to be raised. One of my supporters said, on election night, that this campaign created a community. And it's true: small business owners, progressives, Democratic activists of all stripes, veteran activists and younger activists all came together for our shared mission. 

Your support over the last few months has meant so much to me, and this campaign would never have finished as strong as it did without you. Your time, your financial contributions, your advice and expertise – combined, all of those provided us exactly the resources we needed to execute our campaign plan with no compromises. I am especially grateful to those of you who opened your homes or businesses to me during this campaign, publicly endorsed me, or reached out to your friends and neighbors on my behalf. Putting your own credibility on the line and behind me is a sign of great trust, especially in a field of good candidates, and I hope that I have lived up to it.

I am proud that we made this campaign about more than just our shared outrage over recent Republican policies. We highlighted the struggles working families face to make ends meet in the short term and thrive in the long term. We made it clear that we need nothing less than an education champion in the Capitol to fight for our public schools and our teachers, and we spoke of the urgent need for action to create quality, family-supporting jobs and support our locally owned businesses. 

All of these are the issues that I’ve been working on for my entire career, and that work does not and will not stop with this week's election results. I am back to work as part of the Assembly Democratic team, yes, in a different capacity than we had hoped, but to continue our shared work of fighting hard to reclaim our state. 

We set out not just to restore the pre-February status quo, but to move Wisconsin forward. Working together, as we always do, we will.

Thank you again for standing with me. 


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